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A little robot created on 2018/1/27 for government purposes has gone into reserve mode due to a lack of resources on 2032/12/4.  It is now 3018/1/27 and a birthday email snuck into its memory is triggered alongside with its backup energy, reactivating it.  Now with this new life, the robot sets off trying to find its creator and its purpose in life, as it gathers and manages resources in order to make the journey.

Original game created in Global Game Jam 2018.

Link: https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/milky-whey

Team Members

Programming & Game Testing:

Chieh-Fu Chen

Richard But

Eiffel Wong

Audio & Game Design:

Yung-Chu Chuang

Writer & Game Design

Hanyu Shou

Art & Game Design

Thomas Olson


Milky Whey.zip 32 MB